Monday, February 12, 2007


mrs. katznelson said...

Siamese triplets born, but parents won't separate them because they are "worth more"

Nashville, TN (DE) - Last week to the amazement of everyone, three souls were brought into the world. The amazing part is that these three souls all happen to be connected to each other's body.

"I had 8 children already and thought I knew enough about being pregnant so I decided not to go to the doctor and just wing it," said the mother. "I knew I had 3 fetuses inside me because I have had twins before and knew what multiple ones felt like."

"When they turned out to be triplets connected at the hip, I rushed her to the hospital for special help," says the father.

The mother and her babies stayed at the hospital for three weeks for special care. The parents knew that they were special babies and needed special names. "We decided to call them Bob, Bobby, and Bobrella after our favorite person, Psychic Bob, and we hope to get contact with him to ask if our babies will live long enough to turn at least 25," comments the parents.

The Siamese triplets all have separate organs except for their feet and legs. The parents plan not to separate them because they are worth a lot more money to them if they are not cut into three people.

"No one wants to see a freak show with three former Siamese triplets, they want the real deal and the real deal pays!" explains the mother.

David Katznelson said...

How did you get this? I thought the set of OCEAN 13 was closed. I actually know the guy on the left. These three stunt men were stoked to be picked to be the doubles for Andy Garcia, George Clooney and Brad Pitt respectively for the film (my friend has to wear tons of make up, but got the role because of his ability to perform the hazardous "banana sequence" showcased in the movie. You can you tube his regular Bangcock act).

I know where this picture was taken as was one of the now infamous post parties where the doubles wrestled with the stars they portrayed. Soderbergh thought it might help making the whole filming experience a little more "real" and "omnipresent" (I do not understand that either). My friend said the guy who is playing Clooney has actually taken to calling himself George off-set and has actually bedded two of the caterers. The guy on the right is supposedly a complete prick and the only Scientology stunt man ever. He is set to play Beck in the artist's life story. Who would think.